Final PM in Bergen - APP4SEA is starting its descend towards the end of the project

Bergen, on the western coast of Norway, is among the wettest places in Norway. This became pretty clear to APP4SEA partners in early December 2019

The agenda of the final PM was long. Here the progress done by ERI in WP 4 is presented by Nina and Neil.

The partners visited also the offices of the Meteorological Institute and heard about the fine art of weather forecasting from the meteorologist on-duty.

And finally the group shot on top of the offices of meteorological institute. Even the rain was taking a break and gathering forces for the next downpour.

"Rain, rain, go away" - but the rain just kept on coming, wave after wave. The partners had trekked from different parts of the NPA region to Bergen on the first week of December. Some had already been to skies, others had managed to see snow on the ground and the rest were still waiting for it land on their door steps. Rain capital Norway was not a winter wonderland, but at least that did not distract partners' thoughts from the main issue, how to bring APP4SEA to the home port by the end of next April. As this was the last physical partner meeting there was a lot things to be settled and agreed on. The main focus lay again on the smart map, which had seen a lot of progress since the last PM. New layers had been added, old ones had been updated plans were laid out how the main deliverable were to be finished by during the first third of 2020. Work done in other workpackeges of the project was reviewed as well and schedules were made for finalising these.

One important issue on the agenda was organising of the final conference. Some of the partners had attended twitter conferences earlier, which had been discussed among the partners in previous virtual partner meetings. After a thorough discussion it was agreed that the final conference would be organised in twitter. In this way the conference could attract much wider audience than if it would have been organised and hosted by a partner in their home city and other partners and presenters would travel there. The Covid-19 situation was still in its infancy, but as the virus started to spread and turned the world upside down in early 2020, the importance of this decision became very evident.