Teacher ahoy! Arctic in your mind?

Are you looking for educational material to enlighten your students about the Arctic? Look no further...

One aim of the APP4SEA project was to produce educational and informative material, which would increase general public's awareness about Arctic  and oil spill related issues. We have published Cool Facts about the Arctic in social media in the course of the project, which have included small, interesting tidbits of information about the Arctic. These posts have now been published as thematic booklets in issuu.com, which cover five topics: Flora and Fauna, Geography, Oil Spill Issues, Society and Politics, Weather and Climate. There is a bonus one as well, which includes quizzes about these posts. These booklets are available through the above links.

In addition to this, a set of infogpraphics have been put together, which highlight key aspects of oil spills and related issues. These are available in different languages (in Finnish, English, Norwegian and Icelandic). If you want to have these on your language as well, do get in touch with us, but if the infographics are already on your native language, do download them below.

Remember also our interactive smart map, which offers a lot of information in an engaging and educative form. You can find more comprehensive information about the ecological aspects of the Arctic, about oil spills that have taken place in the Arctic areas (including simulations about these) and lots of other information. The map is available at www.app4sea.com and check out also the tutorial on how to use the map!