Are you familiar with the work of Penny-the-Puffin already?

More than half a year ago, Penny-the-puffin started bringing “Cool facts about the Arctic” to the people. Who is Penny? Why is she part of the project? And what can we expect from the bird in the next two years?

Penny, "Lois Lane" of Arctic affairs...

...and an example of her work. Cool facts about the Arctic #1

Penny, as you might have already noticed from the APP4SEa Facebook or Twitter, is a puffin. A little feathered creature, barely weighing a half a kilo, but with a colourful peek, which is envied by the rest of the Arctic bird community. Penny is a very special bird. She and her kins can be found from the west in the coasts of Newfoundland to east to the island of Novaya Zemlya. Covering such a big slice of the Arctic area has made Penny an expert on all things Arctic. She knows the nature, cities, industries, shipping, etc. Anything that moves on the land, above the waves, or below the sea level - she knows. She can fly for long distances and can dive 60 m deep into the sea. The Arctic is on her radar screen.

That is exactly the reason why Penny was hired by the project. The Arctic Region has recently received a lot of attention from maritime people, oil and gas explorers and from politicians, who see great opportunities there. But the ordinary people, especially those living further away, do not know that much about the Arctic. Penny was given as a task to change this situation, raise the public's awareness about Arctic. In less than a year with us, she has delivered over 40 weekly posts in Facebook, Twitter adn LinkedIn. She likes to keep her messages short. And cool. One picture, one cool fact to accompany it. Keep it clear, keep it short and informative -  easily chewed and digested in in less than 10 seconds - like the small fishes that Penny enjoys to eat. Every other month she also has a quiz to find out who has been paying attention to her posts...

But you have not seen all yet! Penny has still a lot more to say about climate change, northern wild life, geology, polar nights and northern lights, industrial developments and about the local communities. Therefore she will keep on tweeting on every Friday about these issues. Stay tuned and follow her posts in Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn!